Specific board training and seminars

Ironically, the best boards are those that always are eager to become better. As we have worked with numerous boards over the years, we have regularly been asked to be the board's sounding partner on selected topics or to provide the board with specific insights. To give you an idea about how we can support the board, here are some of our most sought-after insight services

How to get more value out of your board meetings

If you think that board members experience their competencies to be fully leveraged or that the senior executives perceive the board to add significant value, then think again. Our numerous years of working with boards and senior executives tell us that all boards have untapped potential.

Therefore, we have developed a highly focused and engaging session where board members are put to work. By using a simple yet effective structure, we facilitate a discussion around how to set the right agenda, tap into board members’ and senior executives’ experiences, and avoid falling into psychological traps.

How to make better board decisions

Are you considering how your board can become better at making the right decisions, without being swayed by how options are presented to you by the senior executives?

As we have had the pleasure of observing a vast number of board meetings, we know that boards (as most people) lack a solid decision-making toolbox and fall prey to group think, psychological traps, and a variety of biases. Research shows that when making “good” decisions, process matters more than analysis by a factor six. Still, boards and senior executives tend to spend much more effort on the analysis than on ensuring a solid and sufficient process. Superb analysis is useless unless the decision process gets a fair hearing. As all non-executives and senior executives want to make the best possible decisions (“the core of exemplary leadership”) and that it is easier said than done, we have pulled together a focused seminar based on well-acknowledged research about how you can improve the board’s decision process and better safeguard the organization’s future.

How to become a board which is on top of the organization’s talent management and succession planning

When boards evaluate themselves or when we evaluate them, there is one thing that is certain: respondents score the board low on it's ability to ensure effective talent management and succession planning. Leaders tend to agree that establishing and developing the right top team is vital for all business success, and the board should not hesitate to get better involved. The big question is how.

If you are interested in learning more about how the board can get on top of the organization’s talent management and succession planning, this workshop is highly relevant.

How to ensure the most relevant board composition

This is a focused workshop for the nomination committee. Topics covered are how to increase transparency and trust in the board’s off- and onboarding process, how to identify and communicate whom to take off the board, how to develop and use a framework to identify what you need in terms of board competencies, how to develop a high-quality brief to a search company, how to avoid paying too much for the search and keep the search consultants focused and on their toes.

Can we help?

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Interested in self-evaluation? Try Online Board Evaluations

Well-aligned with national corporate- and foundation/charity governance recommendations, our board clients usually conduct an external board evaluation every three years. However, most national governance recommendations recommend that boards perform a self-evaluation in the years between an external board evaluation. Therefore, we have developed OnlineBoardEvaluations.com which is a tool enabling boards to self-evaluate effectively and effortlessly every year.