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Here are some of the Group boards we have worked with over the last few years

Bio innovation
BW Offshore
Chr. Hansen
Coop Bank
Coop Danmark
Copenhagen Airports CPH
Deepocean Group
Diversified Gas & Oil PLC
Finansiel Stabilitet
Fonden Socialt Ansvar
GN Group
Green Hydrogen Systems
Lloyd's Register Foundation
Maersk Drilling
Novo Nordisk Fonden
Siemens Gamesa
Tænketanken Hav
VKR Holding
Zealand Pharma


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What our clients say

“As a diverse, global company based in the UK, good board governance is paramount for us. Nina and her team performed the most extensive external evaluation we have done to date. It included questionnaires, individual interviews, in-person board observations, competence mapping, team dynamics, individual performance, individual behaviour profiling, benchmarking on tenure/fees/diversity, committee and chair evaluations, succession planning, etc. All of this was done with strong professional focus, and despite the extent, still with a light touch. Few if any understand complexity of a board’s dynamics as well as Leadership Advisor Group, led by Nina.”
Chairman of the Board of one of the world’s leading providers of professional services for engineering and technology, which is focused on improving safety and increasing the performance of critical infrastructures worldwide, headquartered in London and with 75 offices world-wide.
“Board evaluations are important for all entities, and as one of the UK’s largest charities, we engaged Leadership Advisor Group to make a complete evaluation of our Board of Trustees. The unique take away for us was Nina Naerby’s ability to take her extensive experience from traditional board evaluations and tailor it to the special circumstances driving the governance of a charity. The rapport and relevant action plans were of the highest quality and have helped us in raising our ambition. I will highly recommend Nina Naerby for all special governance models, e.g. charities, foundations and authorities.”
Chairman of the Board of Trustees of one of the largest charities in the United Kingdom.
“Nina exceeded our expectations in making a fast bespoke Board Evaluation, not only covering a review of background material, etc. but just as importantly drew out the key issues and ensured relevant prioritization through focused individual interviews. Moreover, she conducted a very solid feedback session to the entire Board and made workable action plans”.
Chairman of a European company within the energy and natural resources sector, with an annual turnover of 10 billion Euro.
“In connection with our global merger, Nina took a leading role in ensuring that the new top team becomes effective and efficient as quickly as possible. She elegantly and inspirationally facilitated a process that took us through creating a joint purpose and “must-win-battles” as well as helping us defining structure and norms for how to work together.”
CFO of a company headquartered in Spain, 90 offices globally and an annual turnover of 11billion euro, 25.000 employees and member of IBEX35.
“Leadership Advisor Group, led by Nina did our leadership assessment of our executive management as well as selected high potentials. The process also identified potential CEO successors. Besides providing valuable insights to the board, each assessed leader received in-depth feedback and ideas for their own personal development. As the Chairman, I found the cooperation to be of significant value.”
Chairman of a high-tech energy services company with an operating revenue of 626 million USD, EBITDA of 336 USD million, headquartered in Singapore with its presence in Europe, Asia Pacific, West Africa, and the Americas.
“Nina acted as my sounding board in connection with a top management re-organization. I truly enjoyed our discussions and in addition to a new management structure I also got my time freed up, so I was able to spend my time on what matters most.”
CEO of a large European foundation, providing around 230 million dollars in annual grants.
“As the CEO and together with the board, we wanted to get a quick overview of how our key leaders perceived the “organizational health” of the company. Nina interviewed our leaders and in a fast and efficient way, provided us with extremely valuable, actionable insights.”
CEO of an international oil services company headquartered in the Netherlands.
“It is always a pleasure working with Leadership Advisor Group. The services are bespoke, and it is evident that Nina is genuinely interested in providing insight and recommendations that enable us to make the best decisions. She does not steer away from going the extra mile or tell us unpleasant truths. Her integrity and dedication are second to none.”
Chairman of various European companies within the energy, engineering and professional services industry.
“Leadership Advisor Group carried out an extensive board evaluation of very high quality. We were delighted with the results and have now a clear understanding of where we need to focus in order to increase board effectiveness.”
Chairman of a listed IT consultancy with employees working out of US, Switzerland, Denmark, China, the Czech Republic, and the ​Philippines.
“As a privately, family owned company, we had never done an external board evaluation before. We chose to cooperate with Leadership Advisor Group due to their bespoke approach. Led by Nina, we experienced a subtle, pleasant process and gained clear, useful recommendations regarding how to become a better board.”
Chairman of the world biggest supplier within its field and with 17 manufacturing companies, sales companies in 40 countries, 11 000 people and an annual revenue of around 2.7 billion Euro.
“We worked with Nina in connection with recruitment of board members for a global company, listed on the stock exchange. We experienced a transparent, personal, informative and structured process and succeeded in recruiting qualified directors meeting our search criteria. In short, it was a positive and very professional process.”
Chairman of a C20 company, listed on the Danish Stock exchange.
“Nina assessed our executive management team as well as the extended management team, which in total is around 40 leaders. She provided an overview of what leadership competencies we need, what we have and what gaps we need to be particularly aware of. On an individual basis she identified our most capable leaders, the high potentials and those who would most likely perform better in a more expert oriented role. She also gave each individual ideas in regards to how they might leverage their abilities and develop further. The process was valuable, professional, efficient and with respect for the individual. My only regret is that we did not hire Nina earlier – that could have, without a doubt, saved the company time and money.”
CEO of a telecommunication company, headquartered in the Nordic region.
“Leading a region and making a team out of a group of leaders consisting of country managers being measured on their country P&L, can be a challenge. Nina facilitated a practical and inspirational process enabling us to identify our team purpose, structure and behavioral norms. Moreover, she provided us with a clearer overview of how we, with our individual strengths, can contribute to the team and increase our collective performance. We now have a better platform and the momentum we need, in order to develop as a strong team.”
Managing Director, Northern Europe, Global packaging company.
“The quality, the tools and experience experienced in the CEO-succession project was as expected of the highest standard – the unique features setting this aside was the approach and attitude. The biggest single praise is that team, lead and strongly influenced by Nina’s personal, constructive and direct approach managed to identify and on-board a highly qualified internal successor. The very robust and methodological process combined with Nina’s way of assessing and delivering clear personal feedback in a caring way, ensured that we managed to retain and motivate the entire executive team – in spite of the fact that several of them had seen themselves as possible successors.”
Chairman of a global professional service provider with a turnover of €1.4bn.
“Nina led a leadership assessment assignment for one of our global portfolio companies within the industrial sector. The group of leaders assessed, consisted of various nationalities and a range of personalities. All of those assessed experienced a respectful and constructive process resulting in many benefits. The insight we gained was invaluable.”
Managing Partner of one of the largest private equity companies, headquartered in the Nordic region.
“I have used Nina as an advisor in regards to various questions, such as how to change the organizational structure, which leader to be given what kind of roles, how to ensure minimum overlap of roles and how to structure our leadership team and meetings in order to become more effective. The cooperation is always constructive and useful. Nina provides insight and challenges me. She has a high level of integrity, knowledge and capability”.
CEO of a fast-growing, global consumer goods company with its own production and around 500 retail outlets in Europe, Asia and America.

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