Search for non-executives and trustees

If you are looking to recruit non-executives or trustees, we will be delighted to assist, provided that it will not conflict with any other assignment we are doing or have been doing for the board within the last 12 months.

For all our searches, the starting point will be to understand your current board composition, the industry and geographical span of the organization and last but not least, the current strategy. From there we build a detailed qualitative and quantitative specification of what an ideal candidate looks like.

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Interested in self-evaluation? Try Online Board Evaluations

Well-aligned with national corporate- and foundation/charity governance recommendations, our board clients usually conduct an external board evaluation every three years. However, most national governance recommendations recommend that boards perform a self-evaluation in the years between an external board evaluation. Therefore, we have developed which is a tool enabling boards to self-evaluate effectively and effortlessly every year.