Cultural Behavioural Indicator Analysis

Many tend to agree with Peter Drucker that “culture eats strategy for breakfast”. As numerous studies show that corporate or organizational culture starts at the top, understanding the culture in the highest leadership levels is paramount for enabling the board and the Senior Executives to actively influence the implementation of the desired culture. Still most boards and Senior Executives lack the means to know the cultural state of the organization.

Our Cultural Behavioural Indicator Analysis is developed with the purpose of providing boards and CEOs with a practical tool for attaining insights into the organization’s culture and to what extent the defined purpose, culture and values are implemented. Based on this insight, the board and Senior Executive Team are well positioned to have a factual, qualitative, and quantitative discussion about how to ensure and promote a good culture and sound values in the organization, well aligned with the company purpose.

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Well-aligned with national corporate- and foundation/charity governance recommendations, our board clients usually conduct an external board evaluation every three years. However, most national governance recommendations recommend that boards perform a self-evaluation in the years between an external board evaluation. Therefore, we have developed which is a tool enabling boards to self-evaluate effectively and effortlessly every year.