The selection of a CEO is amongst the most crucial decisions any board can make. It has a direct, immediate, and significant impact on the organization’s strategy, performance, reputation, and shareholder value.

Whilst most key stakeholders understand the importance, it is surprising how often CEO and senior leadership succession processes are left to the last minute and fail to deliver on the expectations. Our approach links succession processes with the organization’s future success. Based on the organization’s strategy, we in cooperation with the board develop a framework for what leadership qualities and factual experiences are needed to be able to execute the strategy. Subsequently we deploy the framework so that the board and the candidates experience a transparent, high quality process and become fully engaged in our structured and meticulous method of identifying potential successors.

We believe it is crucial that the CEO succession process leaves the organization, and the leaders involved, engaged, and inspired. Each leader should be left feeling the experience of the assessment was objective, personal yet professional, of high quality and of integrity. When the new CEO is appointed, one of our success criteria is that other assessed leaders see the conclusion as a natural outcome based on a fair and solid process.

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Well-aligned with national corporate- and foundation/charity governance recommendations, our board clients usually conduct an external board evaluation every three years. However, most national governance recommendations recommend that boards perform a self-evaluation in the years between an external board evaluation. Therefore, we have developed which is a tool enabling boards to self-evaluate effectively and effortlessly every year.