Board benchmarking

Ambitious boards always look for other boards from whom (or which) they can learn. Over the years we have hence regularly been asked to assist with various board analyses and benchmarking exercises, either as part of an external board evaluation or as a specific assignment. To give you an idea about how we can help, here are some of our most sought-after services:


Would you like to understand how the board has spent its time (topics and themes), get the findings benchmarked to all other boards that we have worked with, and ideas or changes to future agendas and processes that might serve the board’s ambition? Then our time-analysis benchmarking services will be relevant.

Board composition and operation benchmarking

Would you like to get an in-depth external view of how your board is composed in terms of functional and industrial experiences, demographics, and tenure and how the board is composed compared to other relevant boards? Would you also like to understand how many board meetings, committees, and committee meetings your board has compared other relevant boards? Together with you, we select the most relevant comparable boards. Based on our analysis, we suggest as how your board and committees could become even better composed and operated based on your organization’s strategy, board members' tenure, what benchmarked boards look like, and what we see as best board practice.

Special board benchmarking

Do you have other areas that you would like your board or board operation to be benchmarked against? It could be within compensation of board members, committee charters, general / best practice compliance, or something else. As we have worked with a significant number of boards over many years, we have done various customized analysis and are always eager to assist.

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Interested in self-evaluation? Try Online Board Evaluations

Well-aligned with national corporate- and foundation/charity governance recommendations, our board clients usually conduct an external board evaluation every three years. However, most national governance recommendations recommend that boards perform a self-evaluation in the years between an external board evaluation. Therefore, we have developed which is a tool enabling boards to self-evaluate effectively and effortlessly every year.