Types of experience on Danish C25 Boards of Directors

This report presents topline summary of our analysis of the current (August 2020) board compositions of the 24 companies on the C25 index in Denmark. (The C25 refers to the 24 most traded companies in Denmark). This report covers the types of experience of the board members.

The full analysis was conducted by measuring the demographics of board members, including nationality, as well as their experience, using their occupations as proxies. We measured a broad range of functional as well as other experience, including international and board experience.

Knowledge of the board members’ careers was obtained through desk research of CVs and other sources. To complete this analysis, around 170 CVs were examined and documented. Given the imperfect information associated with such a method, the results should only be taken as indicative and as a starting point for discussion.

Lastly, only shareholder-elected board members were incorporated into the analysis, while employee-elected board members were excluded.

Board member skills / experience differ by company, with prior board experience and CEO/MD experience being common across many of the companies. The types of experience contained within the Danish C25 boards should differ by what each company needs to create and execute its strategy, but on average there is very little representation of people with Legal, Strategy, IT or HR backgrounds

To receive the full analysis (available for clients only), please contact reception@leadershipadvisorgroup.com.

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