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Corporate Secretaries are important contributors to board success

Celebrate your Corporate Secretaries for their invaluable contributions to the board! At Leadership Advisor Group, we have the great pleasure of working closely with a significant number of extremely professional boards. From our large pool of data, we know that having a “good” Chair is a strong indicator of a value-creating board. However, what many

Corporate Secretaries are important contributors to board success2022-12-19T15:10:36+00:00

Evaluate individual board members to improve board performance

Evaluating individual board members is important but often overlooked Most reputable companies want to comply with good corporate governance and hence, among other things, do an annual board evaluation. These national governance codes normally state that the effectiveness of each board member should also be evaluated. However, often boards avoid tackling this part of the

Evaluate individual board members to improve board performance2022-12-12T16:31:22+00:00

Boards should do more benchmarking

Does your board benchmark vs other boards? While top leadership teams and boards usually put in a lot of effort benchmarking the company to competitors, only a few boards benchmark themselves against other (competitor) boards. Hence most boards miss out on understanding what other boards do well in terms of composition, types of committees, number

Boards should do more benchmarking2022-11-22T16:22:50+00:00

Advice for first time board members

Are you new on the board of directors? Is this your first board member role? Do you feel like everyone else knows the ropes, and you aren’t sure quite where to contribute or how to add value? Here is some of our advice for first time board members. Leadership Advisor Group helps companies find

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Why and how to evaluate board performance and build better boards

Here are examples of modules to consider for an in-depth third-party / external evaluation In the current environment of rapid change, boards are asked to play an even more crucial role in steering their companies through turbulent times. This means that ensuring the right non-executives are at the table and maximizing the board’s effectiveness

Why and how to evaluate board performance and build better boards2022-05-02T09:35:31+00:00


Advice for boards and top management teams The articles in this section are a based on Leadership Advisor Group's expertise built through years of experience improving board and top team effectiveness by addressing processes, governance, and team dynamics as well as identifying and developing the key strengths of individual leaders. Our ambition is

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