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Why should your company publish details about your board of directors

Why and how to describe your board members to the public? Companies don’t always do a great job of describing their boards of directors to the public. Some probably forget to review the texts on their website. Others may not have realized what an important opportunity they are missing. Describing the significant experience and track

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Why and how to evaluate the Chair

Boards are becoming accustomed to annual evaluations, but they do not always evaluate the Chair It can be tough to evaluate the Chair, but according to most national corporate governance recommendations, all board members should be formally evaluated. Here are some considerations on how to do it well. The Chair's leadership of the

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How to involve your board at the right level in company strategy

What is your board's role in company strategy? The board of directors exists to safeguard the company's and stakeholders' interests and ensure value creation in the short as well as long term.  As part of that role, it is responsible for the company’s strategy and for following up on its execution. So HOW should

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Checklist for a board evaluation

Do you know what process to use and topics to include in your board evaluation?   Review our checklist for your board evaluation below. Your overall goal should be to create a foundation for an open discussion of how to continuously improve the work of your board. You also want to evaluate whether the board has the

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Why boards should value the chance to improve corporate governance

Boards and companies often feel weighed down when handling and reporting on corporate governance It can seem like a heavy burden to comply with the recommendations / code and is sometimes seen as a “tick the box” exercise.  A few boards even try to handle assessment of compliance in one meeting, as if

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Advice for boards and top management teams The articles in this section are a based on Leadership Advisor Group's expertise built through years of experience improving board and top team effectiveness by addressing processes, governance, and team dynamics as well as identifying and developing the key strengths of individual leaders. Our ambition is


Governance Guidelines

The latest governance guidelines for corporations and foundations can be hard to locate, so we’ve collected them here for you. UK Corporate: UK Corporate Governance Code 2018 at FRC site Nov. 26, 2020 update: Reporting on the new Corporate Governance Code is a mixed picture (recommendations for improved reporting) Charity: UK Charity Governance

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We'd love to hear more about your business needs. Please use the form below to tell us more about your requirements. If you already know the scope of your upcoming board evaluation, please use the form on this page here:


Our research

Research on board composition, board evaluation comparison and more At Leadership Advisor Group we are continuously analyzing board compliance with guidelines, board composition in terms of demographics and experience, as well as best practice questions and methods for impactful board evaluations. We are also creating benchmarks across industry and organization size and type,

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