Typical client situations

►Boards and CEOs would like advice regarding confidential matters like design of new organizational structure, validating internal and external candidates and assessing quality of succession plans and talent programs

►Leader in new role

►Leader with new superior, colleagues or subordinates

►Leader in between jobs and / or looking for new career opportunities

►Leader seeking personal development

►Leader wants to develop a non-executive career

Our Approach

Advising – new organizational structure:
We assess the current organization structure and design a robust new structure, taking the client’s strategy and most valuable leaders into account. We don’t just design a new structure based on strategic priorities and critical operations of each function, business unit, region, or product, we ensure the client utilizes and leverages their best and most suited leaders.

Advising – quality of succession plans and talent programs:
We evaluate succession plans and the talent management process, and provide an objective opinion on the quality of identification, handling and development of successors and talents in top management positions. We also, provide inspirational insights in how “best in class” looks like.

Advising – validating internal and external candidates in pipeline:
Based on our solid knowledge of the candidate market, combined with our many years’ of experience assessing leaders, we assist our clients in validating potential candidates for critical leadership positions.


All our mentoring engagements are bespoke and adapted to the situation of the mentee’ and the company’s situation.

Our mentoring solutions are usually geared towards four distinct groups:
• Leader in a new challenging situation – this might be in a new role, in a new team, with a new superior or in a new cultural environment
• Leader in-between jobs, seeking relevant sparring from a top executive who understands the market
• Leader seeking inspiration and personal development
• Leader wanting to develop a non-executive career

The mentoring period is typically between six months and two years, with sessions held on a regular basis. We work with a number of individual mentors as well as organizations, who focus entirely on mentoring CEOs and board-level executives. Based on your particular needs, we will recommend what we consider to be the most suitable solution.

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We tailor-make the evaluation with you, or help your board do a lighter self-evaluation.

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We help you identify and develop internal and external successors and plan the transition.

Leadership advisor group

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We evaluate your leaders and match individuals as well as teams to strategic company needs.

Leadership advisor group

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