Every client is unique.

However, when we’re approached by a client it is usually because of a “trigger point”. Our services are typically needed when a strategy is already in place and the board and the CEO are left with the responsibility to identify, leverage and develop leadership competencies and team efforts in order to make it happen.

► New owners

► New CEO who wants to ensure the right leadership team

► New strategy that requires a new set of leadership  competencies

► New leadership team and a need for an aligned starting point and a common language

► Leadership development

► Board wants to ensure right leadership team

► New owners

► CEO is retiring within 1-3 years

► Board wants to minimise risks, be prepared, get an objective overview and grow internal candidates

► Board wants a new CEO with a different set of capabilities

► CEO has resigned

Desire to improve board effectiveness and teamwork

New strategy or situation requires new board composition

Board succession planning to be brought to the forefront

Corporate governance calls for an objective third-party evaluation

►Need for a better mix of competences and diversity

Board member is leaving

New externally recruited senior leader with a different background regarding:

  • Corporate culture
  • Geographical area
  • Functional expertise and / or
  • Industrial background

Internal leader has been promoted to take on a bigger or different role

New non-executive who wants to be brought up-to-speed quickly

► New members in senior team

► Company is in transformation and new ways of working are required

► Senior team not realising its potential and not working well together

► Senior team would like to increase team effectiveness in general

►Boards and CEOs would like advise regarding confidential matters like design of new organisational structure, validating internal and external candidates and assessing quality of succession plans and talent programs

►Leader in new role

►Leader with new superior, colleagues or subordinates

►Leader in between jobs and / or looking for new career opportunities

►Leader seeking personal development

►Leader wants to develop a non-executive career