Request self-evaluation assistance

Typical client situations

Board wants to conduct a quick but professional self-evaluation in the years between the recommended third-party (external) evaluation, but doesn’t want to spend valuable internal staff time developing a questionnaire, sending reminders, or creating summary report. Board also wants to ensure anonymity, so that participants answer openly.

Our Approach

We recommend that our customers keep this task easy-to-do but very professional by using our service to buy a Repeat survey. Essentially you will be doing a “hybrid” self-evaluation, where you use our help to administer the survey and produce the self-explanatory results report, which you can use as a good foundation for discussing what’s working and what could be improved.

This approach allows you to utilize our well-tested questionnaires and get comparison of your results year-on-year. It also ensures your company doesn’t miss any of the latest corporate governance recommendations, since we continuously evolve our surveys to match the latest guidelines.

Click here to read about all the survey options, and here to tell us the scope and ideal timing of your upcoming evaluation.  We look forward to assisting you!