Are leaders portable?

by Boris Groysberg, Andrew N. McLean, Nitin Nohria, Harvard Business Review (Reprint: R0605E, May 2006)

Does management talent transfer from one company to another?
Even the best management talent, the authors found, is transferable only if it maps to the challenges of the new environment. More specifically, the authors in this “classic article” identified five types of skills that may or may not transfer to a new job: general management human capital, or the skills to gather, cultivate, and deploy financial, technical, and human resources; strategic human capital, or individuals’ expertise in cost cutting, growth, or cyclical markets; industry human capital, meaning the technical and regulatory knowledge unique to an industry; relationship human capital, or the extent to which a manager’s effectiveness can be attributed to his or her experience working with colleagues or as part of a team; and company-specific human capital, or the knowledge about routines and procedures, corporate culture and informal structures, and systems and processes that are unique to a company.

This is an article that makes your alert and humble in regard to hiring your new leader.